The Benefits of Bikram Yoga: Sweat is Sexy

The Benefits of Bikram Yoga: Sweat is Sexy

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Why do women willingly subject themselves to 60-90 minutes of scorching, 105-degree heat and 40 percent humidity?

Obviously doing anything active for 60-90 minutes will burn calories, but Bikram yoga does not just burn calories, it torches them. The excessive heat loosens the muscles and allows a greater range of motion, while it also promotes detoxification. Rather than flow through a series of 26 poses, in Bikram yoga you hold each pose challenging yourself to go deeper. But Bikram is more than just a great workout.


Bikram Yoga: Mind and Body

The physical benefits are nothing to laugh at. Besides promoting weight loss, toning and improved skin elasticity, Bikram increases strength, balance and agility. Lung capacity and overall cardiovascular and pituitary function are improved. It has also been known to give a nice lift to parts of the body currently being unfairly subjected to gravity. All in all, it is a total body workout.

While all yoga practice relies on the quieting of the outside mind, Bikram forces yoginis to practice it. While sweating and twisting yourself into poses, it is nearly impossible to worry about a kitchen renovation, if Bobby will ace his SAT and get into Dartmouth, and then how you will pay for Dartmouth.

All out survival is the goal in Bikram yoga, nothing else in the world exists. That is not the most powerful mental benefit, however. The feeling of accomplishment and empowerment you get after finishing a demanding Bikram class is unparalleled.

Yes, you can conquer the world. Despite your lumps, fine lines or wrinkles, Bikram makes you feel like you’re the sexiest woman to walk the earth. There is something about the energy of Bikram that breeds a sense of audacious confidence, which leads us to…


Sexy Benefits of Bikram Yoga

To complete a Bikram yoga class you need positivity, stamina, and flexibility. After a Bikram class, your partner had better watch out. Not only do you leave feeling limber and energized, you have a confidence that borders on hubris. Bikram actually decreases sexual inhibitions and increases positive body image.


Heat is a critical part of the Bikram practice; it stimulates internal feelings and changes the body as a result. Jan Stafl, M.D., a board certified OB-GYN and Holistic Medicine Practitioner noted, “Heat helps to get the Kundalini energy flowing. I have a number of patients who do yoga and have found that it has sexual benefits.”

In fact, women in warmer clients, on average, have more sex than those in cold climates because they have higher libidos due to the heat.

Blood-flow to the clitoris and G-spot areas decrease as women age; it especially drops as women hit menopause. Yoga increases the blood flow to these areas, making women more likely to orgasm.

Regular practitioners also report increased sensation during foreplay as well. Regular practice also leads to greater agility meaning more sexual positions are possible and stamina is increased. Some particularly committed yogis translate the poses into their sexual repertoire. Favorite poses to try include: Downward Dog, Camel, Happy Baby, and Wheel Pose.

A buff bod, a confident mind, and a scintillating sex-life await you at the threshold of your nearest hot room yoga studio. Go out and find a quality Bikram yoga class to reap the sexy benefits of this very hot practice!


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