Inspirational Halloween face painting for Women

Inspirational Halloween face painting for Women

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Halloween Facepainting - women with mask and hand
Looking for inspiration for Halloween or Dia de los Muertos face painting for women? We’ve collected some amazing shots of faces that have been painted for various occasions that will help inspire even the most artistically-challenged. Whether you have a costume or not, these brilliant ideas for face painting will either complement your costume or are stunning, stand-alone works of art.

Some of these ideas are pretty simple, others are a bit more intricate and might require a little more skill – but every single one accomplishes a stunning Halloween transformation.

Flip through our collection of zombies, wild animal prints, scary monsters and beautiful skulls, butterflies and more for adults and kids, and come away with some amazing ideas for your Halloween costumes.

Here’s our collection of Halloween face painting ideas for women and girls (click on an image to see more detail) – and here’s our collection for kids – enjoy!

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