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Medley McClary, Chief Editor and Co-Founder of Pryme, is a fourth-generation Californian. She is the daughter of a Hollywood screenwriter and international diplomat and spent much of her childhood overseas in Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong and France. Her experiences abroad with the varied expressions of world cultures influenced her observations and lens on the world and how they impact the broader human experience. Medley studied language at the Sorbonne in Paris and received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Fine Art from the California College of Arts. She is an accomplished professional artist, and maintains an avid interest in writing and music. As our Chief Editor, Medley blends her keen eye and razor-sharp creative skills seamlessly with her love and passion for the written word.

A Brief History of the Shamrock

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It is fascinating that over so many centuries the shamrock has symbolized the mystical significance of the number 3 while representing so many diverse religions and belief systems. St. Patrick popularized the shamrock in Irish myth as a symbol of the holy trinity: the father, the son, and the holy ghost, or alternately, faith, hope, and love.

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Captive Marine Mammals: The Fight for Their Freedom Gains Ground (Updated)

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The research and efforts to raise awareness of the plight of captive orcas and dolphins was largely initiated by a handful of women. This is their story.

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The Making of an Exceptional Dining Experience: Stephanie Rastetter, Chef

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For Stephanie Rastetter, proprietor and chef of Water Street Bistro, excellence is not a word, but a creed. She can make even the most ordinary dish extraordinary. Her philosophy: she prepares food not only for the love of cooking but for more generous goals of community and sharing.

Movie Review: Queen of Katwe

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The unlikely heroine of Queen of Katwe, a little girl named Phiona Mutesi— played with subtle and compelling intensity by young actress, Madina Nalwanga— has grown up with every obstacle to success imaginable

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Movie Review: Florence Foster Jenkins – A Dreamer And A Diva

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Florence Foster Jenkins had the dubious distinction of being the worst singer in the world. Unaware of her deficit, she made a successful career of it and had a cult following.

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