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Observer, listener, writer, cunning linguist, amateur beer expert, wanderluster, beauty product junkie, chef, yogini, and voted “Most likely to get you to spit your beer out laughing” are just a few of the ways people have described Jessica. A writer since the tender age of seven with her first scandalous, family secret-spilling novelette written as a gift for her grandparents' anniversary, she loves to excite with the written word. Jessica is a published children’s book author and poet, sometime-English professor, occasional yoga teacher, and long-time professional writer. Jessica holds a Master’s degree in English from Butler University, so she can convince people she knows when to use a semicolon versus a comma. She loves looking at things from new and interesting angles and her writing often follows that interest. Above all, Jessica is grateful to have a career where she can be part of the conversation socially, and be part of the ancient tradition of storytelling.

Happy Not-My-Mother’s Day

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As a society, we have seen a break in the mold of the traditional family. However, mothering isn’t limited to a child’s family dynamic. In fact, often we as adults continue to look for maternal guidance.

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The Evolution of the Easter Bunny

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Have you ever wondered exactly how an oversized, egg-laying bunny made his way into a Christian holiday celebrating the resurrection of Christ? It doesn’t seem quite right, does it? To get a look at the origin and evolution of Mister E. Bunny, we need to go way back to the Pagans and the Christians.

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Overwhelmed with Multitasking? The Simple Joy of Single Tasking

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Multitasking is the “it girl” of the last several decades. Until now that is. People are embracing single-tasking to boost creativity, reduce stress, and be more efficient with their time.

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