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About Us

Our Vision: Pryme showcases the exceptional insight and accomplishments of women in their prime, to inspire us all to an extraordinary life.

Pryme Magazine is an online destination that provides insight, information and expertise for women who are in the prime of their lives – celebrating women, our stories and our lives.

US census data shows that by 2024, there will be more adult women over forty than under forty in the US.

“We believe there is a real opportunity to fill a need for women who want to look at today’s issues, news, information and opinions, from our perspective. We launched this online magazine for the woman who is in the prime of her life and who cares about what’s happening around her,” says Roohi Moolla, Pryme Magazine CEO and Founder.

Who are women in the prime of their lives?

The women of Pryme firmly believe that age is just a number: every stage of our lives has importance and relevance. However, we do hold women who are 40+ in a very special place in our hearts, because we know what a mental milestone that can be.

So while the prime of your life is really about you, not your age, Pryme focuses on issues and topics that are of interest to women as they gain in experience and wisdom.

“We have so much to share that will enrich all of our lives: our personal stories, acquired knowledge, our triumphs and our battle scars,” says Medley McClary, Chief Editor and CoFounder. Pryme is a place for us to share news, information and reflection on topics ranging from family, community, and health, to finance, technology, and careers.

We spotlight women who are unsung heroes of their community, women who lead, women who pioneer, women who are the glue that holds their families together.

For every woman who is in the prime of her life: we tell your stories here.

We are thrilled to welcome you now!

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