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Welcome to the new Pryme! I’m thrilled to announce that Pryme will be relaunching soon right here, under a new name: “Pryme Life”. We’ll be focusing on health, fitness and other topics that are important to women in the “pryme” (prime) of our lives, where we can be inspired to live extraordinary lives by being supported and celebrated.

We’ll also be spotlighting interesting stories about women who are heroes, leaders, pioneers, innovators, and other extraordinary women. We welcome recommendations on women you think we should spotlight – please feel free to nominate one or more women and tell us why they’re extraordinary – we may select them to be featured here.

We also encourage authors to submit content for consideration for publication on any of the topics we’re covering including Health + Fitness, Beauty + Style, Dating + Relationships, Arts + Culture, Money + Career, Travel and more. If your content is selected for publication on Pryme, you’ll receive full authorship attribution, with your logo or headshot, plus a link to your website.

Please send an email to with the subject line “Author” and a sample of your writing plus a brief description of who you are and the topic you’d like to cover. You can submit an article, video, podcast or other piece of content for consideration.

In the meantime, if you’d like to receive Pryme updates, news or special offers, please complete the form below.

Check back soon!

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Roxana Moolla

Roxana Moolla | Founder, Pryme Group, LLC |

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